Locals invited to discover Abbey floor repairs using biscuits

Great Bath Bake Sale, 6 October 2018

Bath Abbey is inviting families to discover how the Abbey’s historic floor is being saved from collapse using nothing but biscuits and icing to bring the restoration process to life.

As part of the Great Bath Bake Sale on Saturday 6 October, children will be able to take part in a biscuit mending and decorating activity that has been inspired by the Footprint Project which is currently underway in the Abbey. A major part of Footprint is to repair the Abbey’s unique floor which is collapsing. This will involve repairing, recording and restoring all 891 ledgerstones that make up the floor and installing eco-friendly heating using water from the Roman Baths.

Bath Abbey’s annual Great Bath Bake Sale will also see charities banding together to sell home-baked cakes, treats and goodies to raise money for the Footprint Project as well as other good causes. Charities taking part this year selling mouth-watering treats include: Foodcycle, Genesis Trust, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, 9th Bath Brownies, Focus Counselling Bath, Bath Welcomes Refugees, Triumph Over Phobia.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Interpretation, Learning and Engagement at Bath Abbey, said: “The Great Bath Bake Sale is now in its fifth year but this is the first year it has taken place since the work for the Footprint Project has started. We’re really looking forward to running the biscuit mending activity with children which has been inspired by the restoration of our amazing ledgerstone-covered floor. It’s a fantastic opportunity to talk about what’s happening at the Abbey, and, even better, children will be able to take away the biscuits they mend!”

The Deputy Mayor of Bath, Councillor Dr Anthony Clarke will declare the Bake Sale officially open at 11am and the Sale closes at 3pm. Teas, coffees and squash drinks will also be available to wash down all the wonderful cake.

Please click here for further information on the Great Bath Bake Sale.