What to see. When to visit.

Whether it’s to join a service or a guided tour, discover centuries of history or simply get lost in your thoughts, you’re always welcome at Bath Abbey.

What to do if you have...

15 minutes

Have a quick walk around The Abbey, and...

  • Light a candle to remember a loved one
  • Admire the carved angels that can be found all around the Abbey
  • Look up at the original fan vaulted ceiling dating from the 1500s. Parts of it weren't completed until the 1860's, so see if you can spot the difference.
an hour
3 hours

Every year, we enjoy welcoming hundreds of thousands of people through our doors. Some travel from many miles away. Others are local and part of our parish. No matter where you come from or how long you stay, you’ll find plenty of information on what to see here.


Bath Abbey may be a stepping stone into the past, but we’re also proudly looking to the future with our innovative Footprint project. So, if you visit while areas of the Abbey are closed off due to building work. It’s just temporary, while we carefully restore the Abbey’s floor and install an eco-friendly underfloor heating system using Bath's famous hot springs.


Opening Hours

Where do your donations go?

Thank you for supporting Bath Abbey. It’s thanks to your generosity that we can fund our mission and ministry, and preserve the history of this beautiful church for everyone to enjoy, as it continues to be a cornerstone of our community.

Suggested donation

  • Adult £5
  • Children & Students £2.50
  • Families £12

If you would like to know more about how your donations make a difference, please watch this short video.