Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals


Baptisms and christenings for those living in the Parish and for those who feel they have a connection with the Abbey are very welcome here. The ceremony normally takes place within a service, but in special circumstances can take place outside normal worship times. The best way to book a Baptism or Christening is to come along to our Sunday service and ask to speak to one of the clergy.

If you would like to be baptised, or to have your child baptised, please get in touch with us by emailing the Abbey Office:


We offer weddings for parishioners, members of the congregation and for those with a qualifying connection to the Abbey. There are also a number of requirements to ensure the marriage complies with both UK civil and church law. Please see the Church of England Weddings website for details of your eligibility in the first instance. If you believe that you are eligible according to these rules, then please get in touch with the Abbey Office: 01225 422462 or We look forward to hearing from you.


We offer funerals for parishioners, members of the congregation, and for others with a connection to the Abbey. We also provide larger funerals in special circumstances often in conjunction with parish clergy. For more information, please see or contact the Abbey Office on: 01225 422462 or

Bath Abbey is part of the Church of England and the Diocese of Bath and Wells. General information about Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals in the Church of England can be found on the Church of England website.

A baby being baptised in the font at Bath Abbey