Repairing the Abbey floor

Parts of Bath Abbey’s floor are collapsing, reducing our capacity to serve the city.
The floor is sinking where bodies buried beneath it have decomposed. This has resulted in huge gaps being created, making the floor unstable.

While the Abbey floor is being repaired, all 891 ledger stones that make up the floor will be lifted, documented and repaired. The stories behind the people recorded on the ledger stones will be researched by volunteers and made available to visitors.

To repair the floor, all the Victorian pews will have to be removed. The pews at the East end will be reinstated while the pews in the nave may be replaced with chairs. This would create a more flexible and accessible space, with moveable seating.

As a result of this work, the Abbey will have a stable, level floor that is accessible to all, making the Abbey a more hospitable place. It will also preserve a vital part of the city’s heritage for future generations.

A woman carrying out reparis on the Abbey floor