Bath in Lockdown – The Church Responds

There have been many examples of compassionate care around the city of Bath during the Coronavirus lockdown. Supporting key workers and their families, caring for the vulnerable, volunteering in neighbourhoods – expressions of goodwill have abounded. Revd Stephen Girling (Bath Abbey) and Revd Andy Percey (Manvers Street Baptist Church) have collected stories from around the city in a half-hour video ‘roundup’. With contributions from churches, charities, chaplains and the 3rd Sector Group, Stephen and Andy take a relaxed tour through some of the amazing work that has been going on.

Revd Stephen Girling said “We both believe God is at work in many ways in this city through the lockdown, both in the churches and beyond the churches – we wanted to bring people together to share some interesting and exciting stories to encourage us all and to help keep up momentum”. Stephen went on to say, “I hope many of the new ways of us being caring and thoughtful neighbours will continue well beyond lockdown, that we’ll become an even more compassionate city.”

Stephen and Andy had no shortage of stories to tell, by selecting a few from among many they hope their video will be an inspiration for people to discover more of what has been going on and either join in themselves or seek whatever help and support they need.

We thank Bath Christian Action Network (BathCAN) for hosting this trailer and video on their Youtube channel.