Bath Abbey Pentecost Mission Appeal 2021

‘Living and Telling the Good News of Jesus’

As a house of prayer for all nations Bath Abbey works with partners both locally and overseas to fulfil this purpose in parts of the world where it’s called to work. This call is often heard through the activity and commitment of one or more members who become champions for a shared cause. Such partnerships then become a corporate endeavour on the Abbey’s part, shared by the community through prayer, learning, financial giving, volunteering and face to face visits.

In the summer of 2021 the Abbey community are focussing on four of these partnerships, three international and one local. With input from representatives of each partnership in the main Sunday morning service (also live-streamed), the Abbey community are committed to learning more, to praying and to giving.  Financial gifts can be made through a dedicated ‘Pentecost Appeal’ webpage and further information about volunteering or face to face visits can be accessed via the Abbey office.

For more information about this year's Pentecost Appeal, and to see our programme of speakers, please see our Pentecost Leaflet.