Bath Abbey Music Department Receives Recognitions

Bath Abbey is delighted to announce that its Music Department have received a £10,000 grant from the Cathedral Music Trust to help support the salary of new Assistant Organist, Dewi Rees. In another positive turn of events, Bath Abbey extends congratulations to Director of Music, Huw Williams, on being bestowed with the honour of ‘Associate of the Royal School of Church Music’ (ARSCM).

Bath Abbey Receives Funding from Cathedral Music Trust

Bath Abbey is one of 26 cathedral choirs who have been awarded grants from the Cathedral Music Trust in 2023. The Trust have granted £10,000 to Bath Abbey, to support the salary of new Assistant Organist, Dewi Rees. Dewi, who was hired earlier this year, will be joining the Abbey in September 2023 and will be helping the Abbey’s Music Department to support and grow its choirs.

The Cathedral Music Trust aims to enrich the present and secure the future of cathedral music – by campaigning on behalf of cathedral music and musicians, supporting choirs in need through grants programmes, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in sacred choral and organ music. A full list of the 2023 grantees can be found here:

Bath Abbey wishes to thank the Cathedral Music Trust in helping to support and develop a thriving music department and programme. The Abbey looks forward to welcoming Dewi later this year.

Huw Williams given national honour by the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM)

Guy Bridgewater, Rector of Bath Abbey writes: “We are proud and delighted to announce that Huw, our much-loved Director of Music at Bath Abbey, has been awarded the status of an Associate of The Royal School of Church Music.

This is in recognition of his “outstanding work in the field of Church music” – something we rejoice in heartily here at the Abbey, on a daily and weekly basis.

The RSCM has been supporting church music and choirs since its formation in 1928, and only makes a select few such awards each year. As an Associate, Huw is now entitled to put the initials of this prestigious award after his name; he is also entitled to our very warmest thanks and congratulations!

Bravo, Maestro Williams ARSCM!”

The ARSCM, ‘Associate of the Royal School of Church Music’, is an award for achievements in church music and/or liturgy of nationally recognised significance, or for important musical and/or liturgical work within the RSCM which has had an impact across several areas.

Of receiving the honour, Huw Williams ARSCM says: “I am delighted that the RSCM has chosen to honour my work in church music. As Director of Music at Bath Abbey I work with a large number of singers and the success of our music programme here couldn’t have been achieved without the strong support of clergy and colleagues at the Abbey.

I am also particularly grateful to all the volunteers associated with the Abbey music and to all the singers and choir families who give so much with such willingness and generosity. I am looking forward to travelling to Chester in October to receive this award in a ceremony held at the cathedral.”