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Bath Abbey Footprint

What is Bath Abbey Footprint?

Footprint is an £19.3 million programme of capital works and interpretation which will provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our needs including:

  • Creating new spaces for all - making the Abbey more accessible by providing modern meeting, catering and toilet facilities.
  • Enriching worship - providing a more comfortable worshipping space and building a new Song School.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint - installing an eco-friendly heating system using energy from Bath's natural hot springs and installing energy-efficient lighting.
  • Repairing the Abbey floor - repairing and stabilising the Abbey's collapsing floor.
  • Retelling the ancient story - creating a Discovery Centre that will tell the story and history of the Abbey.


As part of Phase 1 of the Abbey’s Footprint project, some initial excavation work is taking place along the south side of the building, just outside the Abbey shop, on Kingston Parade. The work is due to be completed this summer and is to shore up the foundations and to create new underground spaces and facilities which will help make the Abbey more welcoming and improve its service to the city. 

Following consultation with neighbouring businesses and residents, we revised our plans in order to ensure any disruption is minimised by implementing the following:

  • Maintaining an open walkway between the Abbey and the Roman Baths in order to minimise disruption to foot traffic.
  • Directional signage to ensure the flow of people from and to Abbey churchyard and traders south of the Abbey is kept as clear as possible, in particular signage to the Roman Baths, Visitor Information Centre and Abbey Green.
  • An additional direction sign has also been recently erected by the local traders encouraging visitors to use the independent businesses around Abbey Green. 
  • Removing the temporary ‘road’ used for site access across Kingston Parade when during periods when this isn’t in use.

So far, most of the remains uncovered are from the 18th and 19th Centuries, including the basement of a house that was built against the Abbey in about 1730 but demolished a century later. We have also discovered pieces of carved stone, the base of an early grave and some beautiful fragments of early Delft pottery.

The work will not impact on our worship and events programme in the Abbey or Abbey Shop opening times over the next few months.

We are grateful to everyone for their patience and understanding while this work is carried out.

If you are a local resident or neighbour and would like to speak to someone about the work taking place, please contact a member of our Footprint team on or call 01225 422462