Gaia & Treasuring Creation Festival

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Gaia represents this wonderful earth which Christians believe is a gift of God who calls us to be good stewards in co-operation with him and one another. In the breathtaking setting of the Abbey, the Treasuring Creation Festival will provide many and varied opportunities for celebration and for learning how we can better work together.”

- Revd Stephen Girling, Abbey Missioner and Chair of Bath Abbeys’ Eco Group

Gaia By Luke Jerram

18th September - 29th October 2023

Bath Abbey is hosting Luke Jerram’s touring Gaia artwork as part of the Treasuring Creation Festival. Measuring seven metres in diameter, Gaia features detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface and provides the opportunity to see our planet floating in three-dimensions.

Gaia will be suspended underneath the tower in the centre of the Abbey, providing an awe-inspiring view as people enter the building. The artwork was previously on display at Wells Cathedral.

Gaia creates a sense of the Overview Effect, which was first described by author Frank White in 1987. Common features of the experience for astronauts are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.

The artwork is 1.8 million times smaller than the real Earth with each centimetre of the internally lit sculpture describing 18km of the Earth’s surface.

A specially made surround sound composition by BAFTA award winning Composer Dan Jones will be played alongside the sculpture. In Greek Mythology Gaia is the personification of the Earth.

Gaia is only available to see during Abbey opening times. As an active working church in the community, at times the Abbey is closed for visiting. Please check before you visit for last minute variations.

Treasuring Creation Festival

The Treasuring Creation Festival brings together a full and varied programme of events for the duration of Gaia’s installation. Events include: Tours; Concerts; Art Exhibition; Teaching Series; Schools Programme; ‘Playful Planet’ Family Days & Activities Trail and Eco-crafting; Early Years sessions; Movement & Meditation Workshops.

There will also be a screening of the film Race for the Future by local film director James Levelle, who will be presenting the screening and taking questions afterwards.

Treasuring Creation Activities

There are a number of things to do throughout Gaia's stay at the Abbey. The following activities are available for the duration of Gaia from 18th September - 29th October.

Gaia is only available to see during Abbey opening times. As an active working church in the community, at times the Abbey is closed for visiting. Please check before you visit for last minute variations.

Treasuring Creation Events

With something for everyone, the Treasuring Creation Festival brings together exciting events together in one stunning location, including:

  • Learn what organisations are doing to combat climate change for Extraordinary Earth Day
  • Get involved in the 'Playful Planet' family trail and activities, such as craft days and parent-toddler sessions. (Look out for the 'Playful Planet' logo.)
  • Watch the film 'Race for the Future', with a Q&A by director James Levelle.
  • Enjoy a tour of the Abbey, featuring the Gaia artwork by Luke Jerram
  • And much more!

Playful Planet Events

All our events for carers, toddlers, families and school groups.

20 Sept

Wednesday 20 September

Playful Planet Early Years Fun

For 0-4 years and their carers.

Drama, singing, crafting and story time, inspired by Gaia.

Led by practitioner Holly Dabbs.

  • 9.30 – 10.30: 45 mins - Children aged 2-4 years and their carer. Maximum number: 20.
  • 11.00 – 12.00: 45 mins - Children who are under 2 and their carer. Maximum number: 20.

Location: the Abbey and its Learning room

Tickets: £5 per carer and child, available from Eventbrite.

"Playful Planet" text with coloured stars and planets

30 Sept
7 Oct
14 Oct
18 Oct
21 Oct
23 Oct
26 Oct
28 Oct

Treasuring Creation Festival Events

21 Sept

Thursday 21 September

Movement & Meditation

Part of the Abbey’s ‘Treasuring Creation’ festival, this workshop will be taking place in the atmospheric setting of the Abbey, under Luke Jerram’s Gaia, a huge model of the Earth suspended beneath the tower.

Led by Olivia Shone, founder of Meaningful Meditation & Yoga in Bath, Olivia will use both gentle movement exercises, and meditation in the tradition of Christian spirituality, to create a space for spiritual awareness and mental well-being.

Please bring a floormat if you have one.

Tickets available from Eventbrite.

24 Sept
25 Sept
28 Sept
30 Sept
1 Oct
2 Oct
6 Oct
24 Oct
8 Oct
9 Oct

Featured Events

Playful Planet

Activities and events for schools and families.

Wonderful World Trail

Early Years Fun for parents and toddlers

Family Eco-Crafting

Museum's Week Craft Activities

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Download the Wonderful World Children's Trail


"Playful Planet" text with coloured stars and planets

Extraordinary Earth Day

Join a movement for change

Discover how local areas are helping to care for our wonderful Earth, with family activities, talks and more!


  • Eco-groups • The young people’s voice • Knowing your carbon footprint • The conservation challenge


  • Greenpeace • Extinction Rebellion • Transition Bath • Share & Repair • And many more!

Includes Playful Planet family activities.

Have you heard about Bath Children's Literature Festival, taking place during the Treasuring Creation Festival?


Dive into inspiring stories that encourage us to think about the world around us through Bath Children’s Literature Festival’s Nature and Environment collection! From dazzling adventures in far away countries to connecting with nature in our own environment, these events are guaranteed to make you see the world in a new way. Join much-loved authors and illustrators, including Nikita Gill, Emma Carlisle and Hannah Gold from 29 September – 8 October 2023.


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