Discussion & Other Groups

In a large church like Bath Abbey, home groups provide an opportunity to get to know other Abbey members, to learn together and to grow together in Christian discipleship. A home group consists of roughly ten people who meet regularly (usually fortnightly) to share news, pray, study and enjoy one another’s company.

There are currently six groups:

  1. Beaufort Place Larkhall: Thursday evening (spaces available)
  2. Sion Hill: Tuesday afternoon
  3. Great Pulteney Street: Monday evening
  4. Woodlands Park, Larkhall: Tuesday evening (spaces available)
  5. Oldfield Park: Monday Evening (spaces available)
  6. North Road, Bathwick: Thursday evening (spaces available)
  7. 20's Homegroup, City Centre: Monday evening (spaces available).

If you would like to find out more about home groups, please contact Stephen Girling after a service, or via the Abbey Office. He will then be in touch with you to answer your questions, and to see if there is a group that might be right for you.