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Lone Piper 'Battle's Over' Ceremony

You are warmly invited to join us for this ceremony. At this time across the nation and in scores of overseas nations, the sound of 1,000 bagpipes will fill the air - one being stationed on the balcony of the West front of the Abbey.  The piper will play Battle's O'er, a haunting traditional 'air' played by pipers after a battle.  We anticipate this unique tribute will start the centenary media coverage on television and radio and provide for us here in Bath a very poignant and moving beginning to the various centenary events happening around the city and region.

The ceremony will last up to half an hour and you are welcome to join us afterwards at the Roman Baths Kitchen where B&NES Council are kindly laying on some light breakfast refreshments. 

We plan for the whole ceremony to take place in Abbey churchyard outside of the west front of the Abbey, chairs will be provided for those not able to stand.  In the event of wet weather, we will move the ceremony inside the Abbey.