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What visitors say

(Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

“It was fascinating and I felt like I was in a documentary. The view from the top was lovely with 360 degree views of beautiful Bath.”

“It was fascinating seeing the bells and the inside of the clock. The view up at the rooftop was fantastic.”

“It is great value for money as it lasts about an hour with two guides showing you up the many steps to the top of the tower…It was one of the most enjoyable things we did in Bath and also the best value.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend taking the Bath Abbey tour. The tour takes about 50 minutes and it's worth every penny. Two lovely guides…were very knowledgeable, they know their stuff and they seem very enthusiastic.”

“You get to crawl behind the 19th Century clock face, peer down on unsuspecting visitors through tiny holes in the fantastic stone fan vaulting, ring a massive bell then take in the contrasting views of the Roman and modern baths. I have lived around here for most of my adult life but was blown away by this visit.”

"It's very rare you get such a special experience for such a small cost these days! The tour was brilliant and the absolute highlight of our trip to Bath."

"Honestly one of the highlights of my entire experience living in England."