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New to the Abbey?

What is Bath Abbey like?

Different people may give you very different answers to this question. Some may mention the beautiful building or the magnificent music, others the engagement in faith and social action or the warm welcome. Within all that happens at the Abbey there are some consistent features that you can expect to find - however you join us. 

Worship, Hospitality and Justice
These three, together and never alone, are the core pillars of our vision statement. How does humanity learn to be fully alive?  In many ways, of course, but we believe the special vocation of Bath Abbey in pursuit of expressing God's life for all is to practise worship, hospitality and justice.  These three core pillars support everything we do and are the ultimate criteria for the use of our resources.
Worship: We acknowledge God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all that we are and do. 
Hospitality: All are welcome in the household of God and we reflect that welcome.  
Justice: In our life together we shall demonstrate the bias to the poor seen in Holy Scripture.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a full and genuine welcome here. So, whenever you choose, please fill in a welcome card. This will prompt us to meet with you for coffee; an opportunity to get to know you and to point you towards aspects of our life that might interest you.