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The overwhelming response was very positive; individuals commented that they ‘loved it’ and that the experience was ‘like none other’. Volunteers were most enthusiastic about having learnt how to approach the recording at a highly professional level. The team really enjoyed working together and engaging with the Abbey’s heritage.


‘A bit of an intellectual challenge trying to interpret the crumbling letters and I really enjoyed that’; and ‘it was thrilling to see what was eventually revealed’.

Annie Friedlander said: ‘The effort put in proved well rewarded when, with the aid of soft cloths, distilled water and elbow grease, the inscriptions that had been hidden beneath pews and 150 years of dirt were finally revealed. It left us wanting more’.


In fact, nearly all the volunteers were keen to carry on using their new skills and asked whether there would be further opportunities to do more recording. We hope that these will arise as the Footprint project develops over the next few years.