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First World War Centenary


The Abbey archives hold various interesting and valuable records from the First World War period. These include the monthly newsletters written by the Rector at the time, Prebendary Sydney Boyd, and Rolls of Honour published annually which list the names of members of the Abbey community on active service. Details such as who had been killed in action or taken prisoner are also included.

When looked at more closely, the Abbey's newsletters and Rolls of Honour, give us a better understanding of the impact of the war on the Abbey community, the city of Bath and society as a whole. In turn, by doing so, it helps us to commemorate the First World War by allowing us to discover, learn about and connect with the different people who lost their lives or whose lives changed forever.

Imperial War Museum (IWM) Centenary Partnership

Bath Abbey is a member of the IWM Centenary Partnership. As part of this, we are researching stories about the Abbey community during the First World War.

Thanks to our volunteers, we have gradually started to build up a better picture of a number of individuals at   the Abbey during 1914-1918.

We need your help 

We need your help to find out more! We would especially like to make contact with any family members who may be able to add to these stories. Whether you've found a letter that a family member wrote about their experience or a photograph, please get in touch.

For more information, please see Abbey People.