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Finding a Grave

The Abbey Cemetery was originally designed with eight sections. Borders were laid out around the sections. Plots were arranged in back to back rows, for ease of access.

Individual plots are identified by a system of letters and numbers. To locate an individual grave you will need a section and plot number; for example Section I; plot A3.

Section and plot numbers are recorded in the Burial Order Books. Please contact the Abbey archives with a name and approximate date of death. Alternatively this information can be found through the Widcombe Association Inscription database; again, please contact the Abbey archives or the Widcombe Association direct.

Some graves may not be accessible due to undergrowth and the passage of time. Graves located in a border may be particularly difficult to find, as the paths which originally separated the borders from the sections have disappeared. A small number of stones have laid down due to safety considerations.

Please note that the catacombs are not accessible to members of the public.

Please click on the relevant links to download a map of cemetery layout, and individual section maps: Sections I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII.

Bath Burial Index

Information from the gravestones in the Abbey cemetery has been entered into a database called the Bath Burial Index, which includes records from over 50 cemeteries in Bath.  

A name index of burials in the Abbey is also available.