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Memorial inscriptions

The inscriptions on memorial stones are a great source for family historians, as they will sometimes contain information not found in the burial registers. They are particularly useful for tracing relationships between different family members.

  • Wall Memorials At present there is a paper index arranged alphabetically by name which can be used to find an individual memorial stone. To look up a name, please ask one of the stewards in the Abbey or contact the Archives.
  • Ledgerstones  Many of the floor memorials are covered by the pews, or are too worn to be legible.The Archives hold a book recording the inscriptions of all the nave floor stones which was made in 1874 when the pews were installed. We are also have an electronic list of all the ledgerstone inscriptions which the stewards in the Abbey have a copy of. Do contact the Archives if you want us to look up the inscription of a ledgerstone in the original 19th century record.