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Legacies and Gifts

The Friends of Bath Abbey welcome and receive with gratitude generous legacies from former Friends and donations from existing Friends. The money is used carefully for the lasting benefit of the Abbey.

Our current focus is on supporting the Abbey's Footprint Project (£650,000 from the Friends' Funds). But we are also funding improvements to the tower roof facilities.

Not everything we help to fund is on view, but every donation is essential in ensuring the Abbey continues to be enjoyed by its many thousands of visitors, the local community and its congregation.

During the 21st century so far we have enhanced the Abbey in many ways, ranging from one-off improvements to more extensive projects, all of which add to the Abbey’s glorious atmosphere and architecture, and its practical use:


  • Refurbishment of the Sanctuary & Norman Chapel
  • Sound system 
  • Refurbishment of Rector’s stall
  • An anthem, Bethel, commissioned from Sir John Tavener
  • Tower flagpole
  • Chamber organ presented


  • Resurrection Christ statue sculpted by Laurence Tindall


  • Installation of the Quire Screens


  • Publication of the History of Bath Abbey


  • Cleaning the East Front


  • Table for the Prior Birde oratory


  • Manufacture of Ciborium


  • Design, carving & installation of the Quire Angels


  • Second pricket stand for candles


  • Raising the Bookshop floor
  • Weather vane


  • Archive storage facility
  • Lighting for the Angels


  • Electrical rewiring of the Abbey
  • Glockenspiel for the organ
  • New flags
  • Sign boards


  • Archaeological survey of the Abbey floor
  • Installation of stage lighting


  • Reprint of the History of Bath Abbey


  • Creating Voices Oral History Project
  • Improvements to existing chandeliers
  • South-west porch internal doors


  • Pledge to Footprint Project
  • Vestry roof and ceiling repairs
  • Cleaning and repairs to memorial tablets


  • Second pledge to Footprint Project
  • New baptismal register
  • Undertaking to frame new Old Testament Diptychs
  • Support for top of tower facilities

If you would like to help us restore and keep up the fabric of the Abbey in this way we would be very grateful to receive any donation you may wish to make. Joining as a member of the Friends of Bath Abbey is a valuable way to contribute to the enhancement of this beautiful building. Please click here to view how you can do this.

Legacies are also an important source of funds. If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy please contact the Chairman on the Friends: Professor Jeff Jupp 01225 311390 or