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What is the need?


For several years, we have been working in consultation with the Church Council and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive Statement of Need.

In summary, our reasons for change include:

  • A collapsing floor in the Abbey. Extensive studies have revealed the problem.
  • An antiquated and inefficient heating system. 
  • Inadequate and limited catering facilities. Nowhere for our congregations, volunteers or visitors to sit and chat or enjoy our hospitality - not even a cup of tea!
  • No toilets for visitors or audiences. 
  • We have hundreds of stories to tell about Abbey life, past and present, but lack the means and space to do it. 
  • Our Choirs produce wonderful music every week despite having to rehearse in inadequate and cramped conditions. 
  • Poor lighting in the Abbey
  • Inflexible and uncomfortable seating
  • Inadequate provision for the disabled
  • Lack of and inadequate storage for staging and other equipment