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Exploring Faith

Faith is a journey of adventure.

You might not know the destination yet, but with our Exploring Faith events, we can help you discover the way there.

Our Exploring Faith events are opportunities for you to explore and discover the meaning of faith, to grapple with the ideas of Jesus Christ, and to find out more about us... and maybe yourself, too - all in an inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere. 

You don't need a PhD in theology to take part - just an open mind, an inquisitive nature and a willingness to listen and explore with us. 

Talking Film
Evenings watching a cinema release and having a round the table conversation about life, faith, and maybe things inbetween.

Messy Abbey
These family sessions explore the major festivals of the Christian calendar. Craft, celebration, food - they are perfect to help the entire family learn more about faith together.

Lunchtime Lectures
A series of short talks in the Abbey to get us thinking and talking about different aspects of Christian faith.

The Alpha Course
A 10-week introduction to the Christian faith. Food, presentation, conversation and company for your journey to Christ.

We hold these events throughout the year - the best way to keep up to date with news of when these events are happening is to join our mailing list for free. There's no committment, just an email once a month to let you know what's happening. 

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