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Southern India

Supporting Reaching the Unreached (RTU) in Tamil Nadu, Southern India

In India it is unfortunately still the case that children are abandoned, or given up by their family, often following some tragic event, illness or family breakdown.
For 40 years, RTU has given them a home.
  • It is a place which cares, cares for people and especially for children
  • The children are the life-blood and purpose of RTU and it is for them that we are there
In the children’s villages, they are brought up, in their early years, in a family in small, simple houses.
The children share the floor for a bed, they eat and play, pray and learn about life and look after each other. The HIV positive children live alongside others who carry their own sad past with them.
It is an offer of unconditional giving and love to those who have only themselves to give in return
RTU is also involved in a range of other work in the local community:
  • Numerous nurseries and schools
  • A medical clinic
  • A kitchen that produces 2,000 meals every day
  • A Home Support Programme to set up small businesses and assist in finding employment in other villages
  • Drilling boreholes for clean water
  • Building houses with the bricks, doors and tiles made by RTU
The care of the children is covered by RTU’s current budget and supported by a grant allocation from RTU-UK.
Last year, we sent £8,700 to RTU from our Pentecost Appeal. This was used to build ten new, solid, basic but much needed homes.
What a great opportunity for us – to really make a difference to people’s lives, to bring light into that darkness.
James Playfair
+++You may have visited India yourself (or even if you haven’t) and would like to be more involved in our work there – if so please get in touch with one of the Mission Links Group via the Abbey Office 01225 422462 /