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Northern Zambia

Supporting the Diocese of Northern Zambia 

We are currently supporting two projects in the Northern Diocese in Zambia, both of which are being overseen by Archbishop Albert Chama and his team.

The Abbey’s Pentecost Appeals in 2013 and 2014 raised £6,500 and £8,100 respectively for Zambia and these gifts are being used to support a livelihood development programme:
  • At least 19 wives of Anglican clergy so far have been able to develop small businesses
  • These women have received business skills training and start-up finance
  • Eight wives have been granted loans and we await a further report shortly on the other 11 participants
Anglican clergy in Zambia are not well paid and often do not earn enough for their families’ daily needs. This programme will enable clergy wives to supplement the family income, but also, importantly, it will empower them economically and socially.
The money we donated last year will also be used to extend the programme to afurther 15 women including widows, single mothers and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Participating clergy wives will help to mentor these women.
This programme, while primarily designed to alleviate poverty, has important additional benefits including:
  • Empowering the women and raising their status in the community
  • Improving their sense of self-worth
  • Helping counter the effects of disease and gender based violence
The financing of this programme through the use of micro-credit loans will facilitate the recycling of funds and help the project’s future sustainability.
We have also obtained over £25,000 in grant funding for the Archbishop’s ‘Multipurpose Centre’. The building of this centre, which will provide meeting rooms, accommodation and livelihood training facilities for the whole diocese, is progressing, and the concrete base and steel framework are in place.
Tim Westbrook