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Israel / Palestine

Supporting Christians in the Holy land

The Abbey is concerned for churches that are under real pressure, especially in the Middle East.  We are also aware that Palestinian Christians are, quite understandably, leaving Israel/Palestine in significant numbers to find and economic future and education for their children.

We are now looking for a new Mission Link with the church in the Holy Land and this will take some time.  A small Abbey team will travel to Israel/Palestine later this year to discern where God may be leading us as we look for a link.

The aim of the link would be to offer support and encouragement to the church there and also engage the Abbey in the issues facing them. 

Meanwhile, we are excited at the opportunity of supporting a new Boys’ Choir at St George’s cathedral, Jerusalem.  Edward met with Dean Hosam very recently and he speaks warmly of this link. The choir is comprised of Palestinian boys, in the Anglican cathedral, set in Jerusalem, Israel where there’s a Jewish choir director and a Moslem family supplied the robes.  

ALL the money given to this Mission Link will be given directly to support the choir in the beautiful work of worship and reconciliation.  It is possible that it will lead to links with the Abbey’s expertise in choral music.  Who knows what the future may bring?  But, for now, let’s give them a great gift to help them in their praise. 

Edward Mason
Rector of Bath Abbey