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Homelessness Initiative

Here at Bath Abbey, we continue to work with and support a number of housing organisations and homeless charities throughout BANES. We are able to do this through a combination of visitor donations, fundraising events and congregational giving. Members of our congregation also get involved by volunteering their time.  Please help us continue the essential work we are doing.

Lifeline Centre

Bath Abbey works closely with The Genesis Trust, a local Christian charity that runs nine projects across the city to help relieve poverty and hardship for local people of Bath.

One of the projects is the Lifeline Centre - a drop-in centre offering advice and support for the homeless, ex-homeless and vulnerably housed. People can pop in, have a cup of tea and chat about any problems they may have. The vast majority of our clients have mental health or addiction issues. Typical problems concern finding secure accommodation, avoiding eviction, benefit issues and problems associated with addiction. 

The centre is run by Gloria Ware, the Lifeline Centre Manager and twelve volunteers. They work very closely with other agencies and related professionals within Bath, such as Julian House and DHI.


Mondays to Fridays 1.30 to 3.30pm


The Lifeline Centre - 01225 439384 (during weekdays 1.30 - 3.30pm)

The Genesis Trust - 01225 463549 / Email: or


Bath Abbey takes part in the Soup Run working every fifth Sunday, in conjunction with Bath City Church. The Soup Run operates every night of the year and each night soup and food is provided by one of the City's churches.  

The Soup Run is an important element of the Abbey's work with the homeless and new volunteers are always welcome. For further details, please contact Barry Cooper on 01225 421881 or by e-mail to


Throughout the year, the Genesis Trust, a local Christian charity, provides a Sunday Centre for the homeless and the low- and un- waged.  Teams from Bath churches operate this on an 8-week rota and one team is made up of people from the Abbey and St Michael's.  The Centre offers a 2-course lunch for £1, or 2 Genesis Trust vouchers, with unlimited tea, coffee and squash, Sunday papers and a place to relax and talk.

The Centre is normally based at Nexus Methodist Church and is open from 1pm to 3pm every Sunday of the year. The Sunday Centre Team is just one aspect of the Abbey's outreach work with the socially vulnerable and new volunteers are always welcome. For further details, please contact Derek Smith on 01225 336657 or by e-mail at .


We are always keen to support projects which help people look beyond the label ‘homeless’ with all its negative associations. For four years in a row now, we have hosted ‘Think Different’, an annual exhibition of paintings, poetry and artwork by local people who are currently supported by homelessness charities in Bath. This usually takes place mid-May with the exhibition continuing as part of the Bath Fringe Festival.