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Bath Abbey Diptychs

Start date: Tuesday, January 10th 2017
End date: Thursday, August 31st 2017

Sue Symon's masterpiece 'One Man's Journey to Heaven', also known as the Bath Abbey Diptychs, is an awe-inspiring work of art and craft. The life of Christ is depicted in 35 pairs of sumptuously decorated panels; a combination of needlework, hand-drawn lettering, illumination and calligraphy.

If you enjoyed looking at the Bath Abbey Diptychs and would like a memento, we offer a variety of items that you could purchase from the Abbey Shop.

Please note it is advisable to check in advance if you wish to view the complete set of Diptychs as access can sometimes be limited by services and events. Please contact or 01225 422462 for more details.

iMigration 2, by Anthony Head

Start date: Tuesday, February 7th 2017
End date: Wednesday, February 7th 2018

Last summer, we were delighted to host iMigration, a unique temporary installation as part of the Forest of the Imagination festival. The sculpture made such an impact on us and our visitors, we've invited the artist, Anthony Head, lecturer and researcher at Bath Spa University, to recreate this wonderful experience in our South Transept.

iMigration 2 by Anthony Head is a large-scale sculpture, a swarm of colourful paper butterflies, spanning five metres and suspended ten metres up in the air inside the Abbey. The first impression for the audience is of a single group, a swarm of creatures that appear to be the same. Closer inspection reveals that each butterfly is unique, with its own digital genetic code and individual wing pattern influenced by random mutations.

The sculpture, like its predecessor iMigration, continues the exploration of the themes of migration, diversity and individuality. In the swarm each butterfly features colour and patterns designed with computational methods: procedural textures and the fractal mathematics of nature. The butterflies move gently in the air currents that fill the Abbey as if travelling on a migration. In today’s world of human migration and its reporting, it’s easy to forget how unique each person is, to reduce people to anonymous groups, stereotypes, or just numbers.  This work challenges us to think differently.

The artist invites us the audience to seek out individual stories of migration, of fellow human beings in a world saturated by ‘mass’ media reporting, statistics and the digital consumption of news.

'Raising Voices': a photographic exhibition

Start date: Monday, May 1st 2017
End date: Friday, June 30th 2017

Image: A little girl in Hebron looks out from her playground behind razor wire

A remarkable collection of photos taken by Jon Hoffmann (our Abbey Operations Manager who before joining us was a press photographer for 18 years). Jon took these pictures when he visited Israel/Palestine in October 2015, together with the Abbey's Rector, Edward Mason, Evelyn Lee-Barber (Abbey Curate) and Shean Bowers (Choral Director for Schools) to establish a new mission links project.

Each of the 22 pictures tells a story of what was experienced and witnessed. It is an important part of the Abbey’s work in speaking about justice and supporting the beleaguered church of Palestine.

The exhibition will be on display in the North aisle.


Benedictine Bath 2017

Start date: Saturday, July 8th 2017
End date: Sunday, July 30th 2017

Enjoy displays of rare books and manuscripts on loan from the collection at Downside Abbey celebrating over 1,000 years of Benedictine history and heritage. Rediscover this hidden chapter of Bath’s past.