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The Casting Out

Tuesday, August 15th 2017
Thursday, November 9th 2017

‘The Casting Out’ is a 3D sculpture by local artist, Martin Elphick.  It illustrates the work of the old leper hospital on Holloway on the south side of Bath, and is currently on display in the small courtyard just outside the Abbey’s south-east door on Kingston Parade. Though Leprosy is now less prevalent in most countries, people today still become outcasts in their communities for other reasons. Discrimination is a harsh reality for many. This sculpture explores how those on the margins of society are treated and challenges us to see if we welcome and embrace those who are excluded, or whether we simply join the crowd of those who exclude. 

The exhibit has been placed alongside another sculpture, ‘Resurrection of Christ’ by Laurence Tindall, a stone sculpture of Jesus Christ rising from the dead, which has been in place outside the Abbey since 2000.

There is a strong link between Laurence’s stone sculpture which shows Jesus Christ breaking out of the grave cloths that bound him and Martin Elphick’s ‘The Casting Out’. Jesus described himself as the ‘resurrection and the life’ and he associated with people with leprosy who were outcasts, who were counted as good as dead by society. When they put their faith and trust in him their life and hope was renewed.

The sculpture can be seen until 10th November.