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Virtual tours

Enjoy a 360% view of the Abbey 

Click on the image to a virtual tour of the inside of the Abbey. You can even go up into the Abbey Tower! Of course, there is nothing better than experiencing the wonderful sights and ambience of the Abbey in person, so we hope this inspires you to visit us in the near future.

Listen to or download an audio tour of the Abbey

Click here to download our audio tour about the Abbey and bring it with you to enhance your visit.

Discover stories of the people who built Bath Abbey and the churches that preceded it. Find out about those who, over the centuries, have visited, worked and worshipped in this place. What did Samuel Pepys say when he visited? How did the people of Bath commemorate the crowning of England’s first king? What was the fate of the Abbey organist arrested for sedition, drunkenness and brawling?