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Experience Easter

'Experience Easter 2015' at Bath Abbey is a series of reflective workshops designed to get Years 5 & 6 pupils learning and thinking about the events leading up to Easter Day.

Seven ‘Stations of the Cross’ will be set up in different parts of the Abbey with each station representing a different Easter theme and message as represented in the Bible. The children will get the opportunity to engage in creative thinking, art evaluation and hands-on activities to enable them to explore and reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’ death.

Visitors to the Abbey will be provided with a special leaflet that they can utilise as they walk around the Abbey so they too can spend some time reflecting about the events of Easter.

The journey around the stations starts with ‘Hopes and Dreams’ which represents the events on Palm Sunday and ends at the final two stations representing ‘The Empty Tomb’ and ‘The Resurrection’.

To find out more or to book a visit for your school next year, contact Dawn Farmer, Visitors Officer, on 01225 303310 or email: