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Pentecost Appeal

From the Rector of the Abbey, Reverend Prebendary Edward Mason: 

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor

Dear friend,
Every year, the congregation at the Abbey is invited to make a special gift to the Big 5 Mission Links during the season of Pentecost.
These are:
Bible Translation in the Cameroon
(The New Testament is almost completed – great news!)
Education and Training for women in Zambia
Ministry to the homeless in Bath
Reaching The Unreached orphanages in South India
Supporting our Brothers and Sisters in the church in Israel/Palestine
I know many will have given so generously to support the Footprint Appeal and you have made it possible for us to go forward with that project. We have just heard that, thanks to you and the work of the Footprint Team over many years, we have just received a £10.7million pounds grant and that the work will begin next year. How wonderful!
All the more reason, then, to ensure that our support for poor is not diminished in any way and I hope you are glad that we are going ahead with the Pentecost Appeal as usual.
Let’s reflect the joy of now knowing that Footprint is to go ahead (however difficult the road!) by being linked to our brother and sisters in this way. A film explaining the different projects will be shown at services for the next few weeks and also above.
Please pray for this opportunity for giving together as one body. Discover as much as we can about each project and then decide how much we will give. 
and send it, along with a cheque payable to Bath Abbey, to:
Pentecost Appeal
Bath Abbey
12 Kingston Buildings
The core pillars of the Abbey ministry are worship, hospitality and justice. The Abbey Big 5 Mission Links reflect these principles through our giving at Pentecost.
Of course, our giving only expresses the extent to which our hearts have been changed by God’s Spirit moving among us. 
How much do we yearn to worship and help others know the living God? 
How much do we yearn for the isolated and the stranger so they come to know God’s welcome and fellowship among his people? 
How much do we yearn for the poor, the widow and the orphan and reflect God’s bias to the poor?
The Abbey Mission Links Group has a great record of monitoring how our gifts are spent. If you have not seen the report on last year’s gifts, there are some available in church or on the website. It makes for really encouraging reading. Every pound is accounted for properly and we believe that being in touch with these projects helps us fulfil our commitment to be a People and Place Fully Alive.
May God bless you as you consider your response to this year’s Pentecost Mission Links Appeal. Let us all give as generously as we possibly can.
In Christ,