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Family history

Over the last couple of decades, family history has fast become one of the nation’s favourite pastimes, supported by the rise in popularity of programmes such as BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are, and websites such as and This is truly a great time to be compiling family trees and genealogical research. With the internet, more records of genealogical significance are being made available in easier-to-use forms than at any other time. However, not all records are available online or in digital format; and many people still find it more satisfying to pore over paper records and enjoy examining memorials first-hand.

Here at Bath Abbey, our archives hold many records which can be useful sources for family history research, not to mention the extensive collection of memorials in the Abbey itself. In addition to local residents, we regularly receive visitors from all across the country and even as far away as Australia and Canada eager to find out more about a particular member of their family tree. We are always happy to help, but simply ask that if you are looking for a particular document or are undertaking a bigger piece of research, to please get in touch with us first in order to avoid any disappointment.

Here are some examples of what we hold in our Archives which might support any genealogical research you are working on:

  • Burial order books (1813-1995)

  • Choir records

  • Memorial inscriptions

  • Book of Remembrance

For help with family history enquiries please contact