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BTW - Sermon Recordings

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Sermon Recordings

Date Series Title Speaker MP3 File
Sunday, August 7th 2016 Love Songs 3 Rebecca Day Download
Sunday, July 24th 2016 Love Songs 1 Stephen Girling Download
Sunday, July 17th 2016 Advance echoes of a final answer Claire Robson Download
Sunday, July 10th 2016 Leadership and ordination Jane Mitchell Download
Sunday, July 3rd 2016 The Prophets: God Talks Back Stephen Girling Download
Sunday, June 26th 2016 Ecclesiastes: The end of wisdom Anne Dowling Download
Sunday, June 19th 2016 Psalms: Spirituality in every key Rebecca Day Download
Sunday, June 12th 2016 Queens 90th Birthday Stephen Girling Download
Sunday, May 29th 2016 Deuteronomy: A taste of bittersweet Patrick Whitworth Download
Sunday, May 22nd 2016 Job Seeing in the dark Stephen Girling Download
Sunday, May 15th 2016 Living by the Spirit Edward Mason Download
Sunday, May 8th 2016 Is the Old Testament worth the effort? Angela Berners-Wilson Download
Sunday, May 1st 2016 'Christ is Risen'. So What? Resurrection: The Presence of the Comforter Stephen Girling Download
Sunday, April 24th 2016 'Christ is Risen'. So What? Resurrection: The power of love Members of BTW share Download
Sunday, April 17th 2016 'Christ is Risen'. So What? Resurrection: Eternal life for those who follow Joel Voegli, Abbey Youth Worker Download