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Begin The Week

We all lead busy lives. The aim of 'Begin The Week' is to do just that, in the beautiful quiet space of the Abbey.  In an hour together we create a time and space to review the past week, to reflect on some aspect of Christian teaching and be renewed by the Spirit of God for what lies ahead in the coming week. 

The congregation includes members of the Abbey community, visitors from other churches in Bath and international visitors. 

Occasionally we retire to a local pub after the service to enjoy one another's company and to reflect on our time together.

Services for Jan - Apr 2017
Who is Jesus?

Join us for an exploration through Mark’s Gospel to discover more about the Character of Jesus.

8 Jan Jesus - His identity & credentials & the beginning of his ministry Mark 1: 1-11 Stephen Girling
15 Jan  Jesus - His Authority Mark 1: 21-28 & 40-45 Stephen Girling
22 Jan Jesus - The Forgiver and Healer Mark 2: 1-12 Edward Mason
29 Jan Jesus - The Radical - Conflict and breaking the law Mark 2: 23-28 Jane Mitchell
5 Feb  Jesus - The Strategist - Appoints and sends out the Twelve Mark 3: 7-19 & Mark 6: 7-13 Claire Robson
12 Feb  Jesus - The Teacher Mark 4: 1-34 Jan Knott
19 Feb Jesus - The One who is Rejected Mark 6: 1-6 Jane Pleace
26 Feb  Jesus - The Miracle Maker Mark 6: 30-end Nigel Rawlinson
5 Mar  Jesus - The Messiah Mark 8: 22-30 & 9: 1 Roger Driver
12 Mar Jesus - The Transfiguration Mark 9: 2-13 Evelyn Lee-Barber
19 Mar  Jesus - The Prophet - Warnings Mark 9: 38-50 Lorna Hooper
26 Mar  Jesus - The Deliverer - Dealing with Evil Mark 9: 14-29 Rebecca Day
2 Apr  Jesus - The King in Jerusalem Mark 11: 1-25 Rob Popejoy
9 Apr  Jesus - The Accused - His trial and death Mark 15: 1-39 Andy Piggot
16 Apr  Easter Day! Jesus - HE IS RISEN! Mark 16: 1-8 Stephen Girling
23 Apr  BTW Lite - Resurrection - Faith to believe John 20: 19-end Anne Dowling
30 Apr  BTW Lite - Resurrection - Fulfilment of Promise Luke 24: 13-35 Jane Mitchell
If you are interested in the teaching at BTW, recordings of the talks from previous services can be found here

Going Deeper

Books for individuals or groups: Tom Wright’s Mark for Everyone Commentary; Tom Wright’s Mark for Everyone Bible Study Guide. Both are available from the Abbey Shop

Films: The Lumo Project brings the original Jesus narrative to the screen using the Gospel text as its script and word. DVDs available from the Abbey Shop.

Bible Study: Tue 24 Jan & Mon 20 Feb: 7pm - 9pm. For more details contact Revd. Stephen Girling. Everyone welcome.

Getting in touch

Contact: Stephen Girling, Abbey Missioner


Tel: 01225 422462