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Retelling an ancient story

A rich and fascinating history spanning over 1,200 years means that there are many stories to be told about the Abbey. However, the current offering does little to connect people with its past.

The Church’s architecture, archives and objects including the stained glass, the bells, fragments from the Norman Cathedral, as well as memorial and ledger stones, are a rich source of inspiration. However, more-effective interpretation is needed in order to make explicit the connections for tourists and locals alike.

  •  A new interpretation centre will act as a central space to inspire and encourage visitors to explore the church building, take a tower tour or go further afield to visit the Abbey cemetery
  • We will be able to display more of our collections to explain the Abbey’s history and to make connections with our present day activities
  • There will be new and exciting ways of engaging and inspiring our audiences with the Abbey’s rich history, architecture and collections
  • Footprint will provide first class music facilities for the Abbey choirs, guest musicians and performers as well as audiences including a new song school, larger rehearsal space and changing rooms.